Animal Feed

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Providing solutions to India’s protein crisis


Our Animal Feed business is one of the largest organised players in the Compound Feed market in India, clocking over a million tonnes in annual sales. We have a diverse portfolio, including Cattle Feed, Poultry Feed, Aqua Feed and Specialty Feed. Our over 32 state-of-the-art manufacturing plants, equipped with quality assurance labs, help farmers improve their farm productivity and profitability. We also work closely with farmers to provide on-farm technical support and engage them in skill building activities.

We are investing significantly in cutting-edge Research & Development to support our innovation pipeline. In 2015, we set up the Nadir Godrej Centre for Animal Research and Development in Nashik, Maharashtra; a one-of-its-kind animal husbandry research centre in the private sector in India. Our focus will be to leverage capabilities at this centre, to develop cost effective solutions to improve animal productivity


Cattle Feed


India is the world’s largest producer and consumer of milk, with rapidly growing demand


Our Cattle Feed products are created with a deep understanding of Indian feeding practices and the breed and milk production levels of cows and buffaloes. They contain proteins, energy, minerals and vitamins to meet the nutritional requirements of dairy cattle.

We offer a variety of Cattle Feed to enhance milk production, reproductive ability and the overall health of cattle. We also work closely with farmers and offer on-site assistance to help them achieve higher yields.


Poultry Feed

Poultry Feed

In the last few decades, the Indian poultry industry has evolved from a small-scale off-farm activity to commercial farming


Our Poultry Feed and concentrates are formulated by using superior quality grains, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to address the growing demand for poultry meat and eggs.

Broiler Feed helps in weight gain and faster growth, which in turn, improves the feed conversion ratio. Layer Feed helps meet the nutritional needs of birds at each life-stage and optimises egg production of the flock.


Specialty Feed

Specialty Feed

Our range of Specialty Feed is formulated to meet the varied nutritional requirements of sheep and goats


It helps increase wool production, weight gain and milk yield.

We also have Feed products for faster weight gain in ducks, quails, turkeys and pigs, reared for their meat.