Plant Growth Regulators and Bio-Stimulants


Pyrithiobac Sodium 10 EC


Product Description:

Hitweed is India's first highly selective herbicide for Cotton. It contains 'Pyrithiobac Sodium' as active ingredient. Hitweed is highly effective on several broad leaf weeds.


Mode of Action:

It is an early post-emergence and selective herbicide with Acetolactate Synthase inhibition (ALS). It inhibits the synthesis of essential amino acids and proteins leading to the death of weeds.

Crops Target Pest/Disease Dose per Acre (gm/ml)
Cotton Trianthema sp., Chenopodium sp., Digera sp., Amaranthus sp., Celosia argentina 250- 300 ml/acre


  1. Selective herbicide, safe for Cotton
  2. Controls all problematic broad-leaf weeds in Cotton
  3. Safe to succeeding crops after cotton harvest
  4. Less labour intensive
  5. Cotton plants get more space, light and air for robust growth
  6. Healthy cotton plants produce more yield
  7. No adverse effect on soil