Godrej Global Volunteering Day

Godrej Global Volunteering Day

The annual Godrej Global Volunteering Day is a platform for our team members to connect with our communities more meaningfully

Volunteering in community schools

Volunteering in community schools

Our team members are closely connected with our neighbouring communities and regularly engage with schools to support educational activities, enhance infrastructure, organise cleanliness drives, plant trees, and raise awareness about the effects of our actions on the environment.



Connecting more meaningfully with our communities

We encourage Godrejites to volunteer their time and resources for social causes through different programmes and initiatives. As part of our long-term volunteering platform, our volunteers have worked on projects ranging from developing a marketing strategy for an NGO to mentoring children from economically weaker sections of society. Additionally, we facilitate day-long ground volunteering activities, and fundraising for disaster situations.

Godrej Global Volunteering Day

The Godrej Global Volunteering Day is our annual day of community service. In 2017, over 1157 of our team members volunteered their time to improve teaching-learning experience in 56 schools. Our team members conducted engaging activities and reached out to over 10,500 children. Our volunteers held film screenings, conducted interactive games, initiated cleanliness drives, provided career counselling and sports coaching to engage with students in the communities we work in.

Our team members volunteering in Dode School, Mulund in Mumbai

Beautifying local school walls

Upcycling plastic for reuse

Brighter Giving

Our team members represent a diverse range of skills and perspectives. Through Brighter Giving, our structured skill-based volunteering programme, our team members can offer their time and skills to address specific needs of a non-profit organisation on a project basis. Brighter Giving also serves as a channel through which our team members can connect with and learn more about our sustainability initiatives. The programme has a long-term goal to drive meaningful impact for our non-profit partners and/or their beneficiaries. Volunteers accomplish this by using their professional skills and expertise to develop relevant, implementable, and sustainable solutions for the organisations with which they work. The projects range from mentoring an underprivileged child, to volunteering at a refugee camp, to building a non-profit organisation's marketing plans.

Exposure visit for members of a Mumbai based Self Help Group to GAVL headquarters

GAVL trainees volunteer at NADE, a non-profit working with differently abled people

World Environment Day

We are committed to building a greener India and have been celebrating World Environment Day on June 5 every year across all our locations around the world. Our team members drive the celebrations and spread awareness about the effects of our actions on the environment. Godrejites organise tree plantation drives around communities of our manufacturing plants, cleanliness drives in collaboration with local panchayat and municipal corporations, and awareness sessions in local schools among other activities. In 2017, over 450 of our team members participated and helped take us one step closer to achieving our sustainability goals.

Catch them while they are young; tree plantation with families in Medchal, Telangana

Committing to World Environment Day at the Tumkur plant in Karnataka

Team members carrying out tree plantation in Lote Parsuram plant in Maharashtra

Our Guwahati manufacturing team partnered with the local schools to plant trees and spread awareness about environmental sustainability

Joy of Giving Week

During the Joy of Giving Week held from October 2 to 8 every year, we organise various volunteering activities. In 2016, our team members organised several food drives to raise funds and awareness about mid-day meals served in government schools for children from underprivileged backgrounds. We organise NGO exhibitions to raise awareness and funds for our non-profit partners, their work and their beneficiaries. We also organise drives to recycle and repurpose used clothes and waste paper. Every year we host NGOs at our head office to exhibit their work, raise awareness and fundraise for their programmes.

Every year we host NGOs at our head office to exhibit their work, raise awareness and fundraise for their programmes

Disaster Relief

As part of our disaster relief efforts, we provide support to natural disasters that hit South Asia. With contributions made by our team members and matching grants from the Godrej group of companies, we provide recovery support and resettlement development. In 2017, we provided support for the Assam flood relief and the Gujarat flood relief efforts. In the past, we have contributed towards the Nepal earthquake relief, and the Chennai flood relief fund.

With our NGO partner we helped the rehabilitation of people by supporting the construction of low-cost, durable houses for the people affected by the December 2015 Chennai floods

Workplace Giving

Our Workplace Giving programme enables our team members to directly donate a specific amount every month to our non-profit partners - Save the Children India, Teach for India, and World Wildlife Fund. The organisations have been selected after thorough research, keeping in mind the vast scope of their efforts towards improving education for underprivileged children, creating access to health facilities in rural areas, and protection of the environment.

Workplace Giving programme enables our team members to make a direct donation to an NGO